Will the Real Culprit Please Stand Up…Straight?!

Every year we say this is the year we are going to get serious about our health. We are armed with healthy menus, a 12 month strategy with a personal trainer, and a library full of motivational books committed to memory.  We have this down to a science.  We have more strength, endurance and are healthier every year.  So why is that infernal pooge still there?  Why does the woman in the mirror look older and feel more tired than she is? Why do I ache all over?  The answer to all of these lamentations could be:  posture and fascia.

When we take a closer look, we can see the reflection showing our shoulders are stuck forward, our lower back is swayed, and our head juts so far forward that it seems as if it is embarrassed to be seen with the rest of the body.  Posture.  We become amateur contortionists trying to correct the distortions in the mirror.  Nothing happens. Fascia.  Put simply, while training to finish in the top 10 in our age group in the marathon, going pro on the Pilates reformer, or mastering level 10 in silk arts, the connective tissue, fascia, can easily become damaged.  Overuse, microtrauma and direct trauma cause disruption of the fibers of the connective tissue that result in taut/tight bands in the tissue.  Think of these as tiny, microscopic areas of scar tissue.  This “scar tissue” locks us down, holding us in rigid positions in various patterns throughout the body.  Thus is born the unrecognizable image in the mirror.  

What’s more, fascial restrictions cannot be stretched away or strengthened!  They require the application of very specific neuromuscular therapy techniques to be resolved. These targeted and effective techniques are found in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT).  Precision Massage, LLC is comprised exclusively of licensed massage therapists who are trained in PNMT.  

Unique to Precision Massage is a very detailed evaluation, tailored to each client’s individual needs.  This evaluation points out the exact soft tissue cause of that patient’s issue.  Once identified, the problems are addressed with focused neuromuscular therapy techniques to the specific tissues involved.  The result is an extremely efficient and effective resolution of the fascial restrictions causing the distortions, dysfunctions and pain. Only when the restrictions are resolved can this happen.

Enter Nancy.  Nancy came to Precision Massage with complaints of headaches, neck and back pain.  Nancy had an extremely forward head, a hunched back and a very swayed back.  After painstaking PNMT, Nancy was able to stretch out the soft tissue and change her posture.  These changes held over time. Her pains were gone.  When her Precision Massage therapist asked her if anyone had noticed the changes in her posture, she said no.  All her friends were asking her if she had had work done or insisting that she must have lost weight.  They had to know her secret.  Nancy replied, “that is between my massage therapist and me!”

Byline:  Beth Maddox

Business Contact Information:  Beth Maddox is the owner and lead therapist of Precision Massage, LLC, and is a licensed physical therapist, a Nationally Certified and neuromuscular therapy board certified massage therapist.  She is certified in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy and is on the teaching staff of NMT Midwest. 

To contact Precision Massage, visit our website or give us a call at 314-412-2048. 


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