Book 60 minutes of pure relaxation. Drift off into deep relaxation. Swedish (general relaxation) Massage, with a bit of Deep Tissue Massage to melt a few knots. Leave refreshed & ready to get back to life.
(Normally $80. Valid on first visit only. Limited time offer.)

Precision Massage<br />

Precision Massage


At Precision Massage in St. Louis, MO, we bring relief to people suffering from soft tissue-related pain that cannot be gained from any other type of therapy.

Most people have never heard of the technique we use at Precision Massage. It’s called Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT). Yet it’s been around for 30 years.

It was developed by a licensed Massage Therapist named Douglas Nelson who has been in practice since 1977. Nelson knew what doctors and physical therapists all know. There are many things that cause pain. But he discovered a method he named Preicision Neuromuscular Therapy (or PNMT) to pinpoint the source of pain and treat it without invasive procedures.

The training Precision NeuroMuscular Therapists undergo to identify pain is like no other massage or physical therapy. It’s based in science, clinical research and deductive reasoning. It works for injuries and conditions of all kinds…

…even for people who have tried other types of pain relief therapy without success.

PNMT is based on

  • Physical evaluation of symptoms and patient feedback during the session
  • Deep anatomical knowledge
  • Advanced palpation skills

In addition to therapeutic massage using PNMT, we also offer relaxation massage, hybrid massages (a combination of PNMT and relaxation) and pregnancy massages.

Contact us for a free consultation if you are wondering whether Precision Neuromuscular Therapy is for you.



A gift certificate allows your favorite someone to book a service at the time that’s most contenient for them.

Beth Maddox

The process of figuring out the precise cause of your distress using PNMT (Precision Neuromuscular Therapy) is based in science and backed up by clinical studies. That is exactly why our founder, Beth Maddox, was attracted to it. She is a physical therapist and worked at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center and Injury Specialists, a chronic pain clinic in St. Louis, for 8 years before gaining certification in PNMT.

Beth Maddox

Therapeutic Massage

Experience pain relief and increased function with this massage, treating your unique problem areas primarily with Precision Neuromuscular Therapy techniques.

Relaxation Massage

Feel tension and stress melt away with this massage that gently works out muscle tightness, with a good dose of luxurious pampering.

Hybrid Massage

For when you know you need focused pain relief work, but you want relaxation and stress relief, this massage is the best of both worlds!

Hybrid Massage

Free 15 Minute Consultation

In your consultation, you will receive an abbreviated form of the evaluation and a description of what your individualized Precision Massage plan of treatment would entail.


A Visit is Often Less than a Co-Pay

PNMT isn’t covered by insurance, but our treatment sessions are often less than a co-pay.

While physical therapists working under the insurance model sometimes must discharge a patient prematurely for a variety of reasons, we can treat you until you are completely well. And with no physician referral or pre-authorization required, we’re just a phone call (or click) away.

What Others Are Saying?

Beth is truly amazing. She is so professional and goes above and beyond to give her clients the relief they need!

Laura R.

I would like to say thank you, first, for being the first person to fully help my shoulder pain. I've tried countless different methods of relief: from acupuncture and meditation to obscure home remedy methods. However, you were the first person to really understand and resolve my issue and I am very, extremely thankful for that. Your tireless work and creative methods to make me feel better means so much to me and I am glad to have had the chance to work with you. You have helped me for the long run and I appreciate your work so much.

Yuri G.

WOW! Relaxed and comfortable setting. Major attention to detail and super professional. Beth is a master and my muscles are so happy :o) After just one session I can breath deeper and have better freedom of movement, I feel calm and at easy thanks to her expert work. Wonderful.

Mollieshea S.